Assuming, that the water, arriving in the water pipe after clearing, corresponds to GOST (impurity, suspended matter and the dissolved substances) do not exceed suspensions MAC (maximum allowable concentration), we know a priori, that having reached the consumer, the water is polluted again, both physically, and by informationally. It is caused by a quality of pipelines and their lines of passage.

 For example: in the majority of apartment houses the pipes with potable water are laid in parallel to the sewer pipes. Water, as is known, well records the information and stores it for a long time. Thus, potable water, flowing in parallel to the sewage water, exchanges with it by the information and bears its (information) to the consumer who does not need its, moreover it is harmful. The device named by the authors Aqvadisk, has been developed for additional cleaning of potable water from physical and information impurity before the use, patented by two patents of the Russian Federation (see Section Patents )

 Device operating principles are based on wave superposition, i.e. on interaction of spectral components of impurities and a data carrier in phase opposition, due to the fact, that the phase of fluctuations spectral components of impurities is determined with small fluctuations (~10 deg.) comparatively to the phase of fluctuations of the same components of the data carrier.

 Superposition wave principle was chosen from reasons of the structure of matter and technique of the information transfer in the nature (2, 6).

 Any information in the nature is transferred by a frequency method:

 – An elementary variant – a single frequency (monochromat);

 – General case – a set of frequencies (spectrum).

 Thus it is necessary to notice, that all without an exception objects in the Universe communicate. Well-known, that any particle, a chemical element, substance, a composition of substances, subjects, live objects, asteroids, planets, stars, galaxies radiate (i.e. designate itself) an individual spectrum of frequencies (on which them identify in various areas of natural sciences: to the physicist, chemistry, astronomy etc.) which they exchange with each other and environment, and by means of this exchange their mutual position and power are installed in quasi-equilibrium according to a principle of the minimal action (2, 6).

 On a structure of substance any substance consists of atoms, atom – from a nucleus and an electron shell, the nucleus – of electrons, protons, neutrons etc. According to the wave mechanics, each of the listed elements is represented by a wave packet, the spectrum and, accordingly, energy that corresponds to its geometric dimensions (1, 6). Тhus, both water, and impurities consist of set of the wave packets forming a wave packet of each substance with the corresponding energy density. The spectrum and the energy density define the physical and chemical characteristics of the wave packet (substance). Assuming the substance of an impurity of a wave packet with a certain spectrum, we, using methods of quantum electrodynamics and technology of radio-electronic struggle, are able to generate an inverse spectrum, i.e. a spectrum, a phase of fluctuations which the spectral component is opposite to a phase of fluctuations similar to the spectral components of the wave packet of the impurity.

 The technique of transcription of energoinformational streams is offered by authors and patented of the RF. The basis of this technique consists of the provisions on dissemination of information by longitudinal fluctuations electric and magnetic fields by a single-line (6). For the first time this method has been applied by PhD in Technical Sciences. J.V. Gotovsky (МEI) at transcription of drugs on the milk sugar to make the quasi homeopathic drugs within bio-resonance therapy. The device with which he carries out this operation, is patented of RF and other countries and is recommended for use by Ministry of Health of RF.

 Тhus, the essence of creation of the information standard for additional cleaning of potable water in this case, consists of the fact, that the spectra of impurities are recorded on a data carrier with an inverted phase, as well as the spectrum of information and clean (not polluted) natural spring water without phase change.

 I.e. we use to create the standard of 2 groups of substances – natural water with a set of natural impurity to suppress of the negative information in the water not cleaned, and a set of harmful impurity for additional cleaning of water. (3, 4).

 Number of these components and the transmission coefficient (gain) of the device determine the energy of the spectrum, recorded on the information carrier (sap) and, as a consequence, the maximum amount of water and minimal time additional treatment, which one Aqvadisk can realize.

 Аqvadisk represents the hollow wooden disk covered with a layer of wax at certain temperature in a weak constant magnetic field, in the cavity of which there are: the carrier of recorded information – pitch of coniferous breeds of trees, «power supply» and the transmitter of information – a constant magnet and the helicoids coil inductance, located in the environment of a data carrier.

 Аqvadisk works as follows: after installation of capacity with water on Аqvadisk, by means of a dielectric subject (wooden or plastic) water gets mixed up before funnel formation, i.e. it is created a rotor. The centers of conductivity of water line up, thus they form conductivity lines. Under the influence of the rotor, these lines of conductivity (conductors) cross magnetic lines of «power supply» that leads to occurrence in them of an electric current (5). This current excites in the water Foucault’s currents which introduce non-equilibrium in the environment in water and cause a rupture of communications of impurity with water molecules. In addition, the standard modulates the magnetic lines by the information stored in it. Magnetic lines penetrate with the volume of water and interact with it. Spectral components of impurity in the water, interacting with the spectral components of the standard, lose its energy and either flocculate or diffuse into the material of the vessel, or passing into other substances.


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